Anatomy of Mashable’s #MashableSummit Hashtag Tuesday, June 8, 2010 Mashable in partnership with CNN and in celebration of Internet Week New York held Mashable Media Summit 2010. I was unable to attend in person but enjoyed a full day of amazing content through Mashable’s generous live stream of the Summit on Livestream. Watching the stream was a treat but engaging with the 1,000+ other viewers on Twitter was like a full scale dessert bar.

As a community builder I enjoy observing and participating in online communities, events, and deconstructing the residual data they create to better understand the chemistry that makes them thrive.  Mashable Media Summit 2010 provided great content from an impressive speaker line up and with the 3,038 tweets of the designated hashtag (#MashableSummit) by 1,181 Twitter users it was a data honey pot to sample. Here are some of my observations and a few data-points that I discovered.

Edit: The tweets were compiled using various external and internal services utilizing Twitter’s Search API, Streaming API, and Twitter’s RSS feed. Tweets were aggregated and de-duped. I have found tweet collection from Twitter NOT to be a perfect science. There may be holes in the data but based on the timestamps the compiled data stream appeared contiguous.

Community Building through Targeted Connections

I enjoy community building and I am passionate about connecting people of like minds. If we have run in to each other on different Twitter chats like #BlogChat or #BrandChat, you are familiar with the participant lists that I compile and provide to the community. These are simply lists of Twitter users that you can follow with a single click. Why? In short I do this to connect people and fuel the momentum of the chats or events. Here are a couple of key Twitter follow lists for you:

Every event has their superstar Twitter tweeters that produce the most tweets and set the pace of the flow of information. Here are the TOP 10 Tweeters of #MashableSummit.

Top 10 Tweeters

HashTag Rate – Valid or Novel?

Here is a unique look at the rate of tweets that were flowing during each of the agenda items of the Summit. I refer to this as the hashtag rate. This is not contextual but measured in only quantity of tweets that had the #MashableSummit hashtag. The tweets were matched using their time-stamp with the schedule of the Summit. Lower rates could indicate lack of interest of the audience but at the same time could indicate extreme interest of the audience. When measuring sentiment, interest, and response you need layers of perspectives. This is just one but I found it interesting and thought you might as well. You can find the agenda here if you want to match it up.

I hope you enjoyed this somewhat mechanical post. I have no great epiphany or take away to leave you with except to encourage you to do a little data digging for yourself. Data by itself is just data but when mined you can find a few treasures. In closing here are a few more data nuggets for you:

The top 5 tweeted links during the Summit:

(Edit: FYI – Links to the live stream and event home page were excluded)

Top 5 Hashtags mentioned with #MashableSummit

  • #iwny (219)
  • #socialmedia (34)
  • #cnn (26)
  • #marketing (19)
  • #foursquare (16)

The top 12 Keywords (non-hashtag):

Keyword Count Keyword Count Keyword Count
Media 526 Live 316 Now 215
Mashable 345 FourSquare 283 People 175
Summit 339 You 264 Content 174
Watch 337 Social 230 Stage 127
Foursquare Now Experimenting with Badge Rewards – Jennifer Van Grove Launches New Technology Section at Mashable Media Summit – Adam Ostrow
Yahoo’s Social Media Science Experiments [VIDEO] – Christina Warren
YouTube: ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (cover) for Global Fund – AIDS in Africa
YouTube: CollegeHumor Originals: Font Conference
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