5 Tips for Thriving in Social Media


Here are 5 simple and effective tips for developing a rich social media experience for you and your business.

  1. Post at least one comment per day to your micro-blog sites like Twitter, Facebook, your Facebook Fan Page, etc.
  2. If you are blogging write out an editorial calendar of what subjects you will be blogging and schedule when they will post. Try to have a couple of articles completed ahead of time so you can post consistently if life interrupts your writing.
  3. Do not let questions go unanswered. If someone engages with you in online conversation be sure to reply to them in a timely fashion. Social media is an interaction platform. Be sure to engage in conversations especially when they are directed at you.
  4. Keep things real and be nice. Transparency is a key value to interacting on social media networks. Remember that you are talking to real people and someday you may meet them in person. Be yourself and follow the golden rule.
  5. Extend your network and expand your knowledge. Find blogs, Twitter users, and Facebook Fan Pages that share like interest with you. Read, follow, and “like” them but don’t stop there. Participate in their conversations. Be helpful. Ask questions. Add value.
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