Top #XBM 2011 Tweeters

XBM 2011 was amazing!

Below is a list of everyone who tweeted at least twice during XBM using the #XBM hashtag ranked in order of quantity of tweets. Thank you to all 125 of you!

Hmmm…. not too many surprises in who had the most to say. 🙂


This is somewhat of an experimental implementation of Twitter’s API so please be patient if you run in to any issues. You’re welcome to DM me and I’ll see what I can do as time permits. Once you click on one of the follow buttons you should be prompted to connect to my blog via twitter. Let me know how it works for you.


To keep things flowing well with Twitter I have split this list into a few pages: Page 1 of 6

Let’s connect and keep in touch. @KevinLyons


153 Tweets @LinkedInExpert
149 Tweets @IBAL
83 Tweets @snowdenmcfall
66 Tweets @MegProdehl
54 Tweets @KnowledgeBishop
49 Tweets @brandtastic
40 Tweets @Jean_o
40 Tweets @ThomScott
39 Tweets @BrianTomkins
35 Tweets @Socialhitmen
29 Tweets @DixieDynamite
29 Tweets @timetogovirtual
27 Tweets @larrytrent
25 Tweets @freelancecatplt
24 Tweets @cesarabueg
23 Tweets @treypennington
22 Tweets @goforyourdream
22 Tweets @KevinLyons
18 Tweets @whosChrisHughes
15 Tweets @GinaCarr



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