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Using Social Media to Weather the Storm during Hurricane Season

Unless you are living under a rock (or on top of one far away from a coastline) you are probably aware that Hurricane season begins on June 1st. In a perfect world anyone living within a region that is threatened by hurricanes would take the week before the start of hurricane season to prepare for […]
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13 Ways to Grow Your Business on the Internet

It’s time to stop considering using the Internet to grow your business and start implementing. Businesses delay embracing ecommerce, online marketing, and social media due to lack of knowledge and overwhelming streams of information with no clear starting point. Here are 13 ways you can grow your business on the Internet starting with the basics. […]
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5 Tips for Thriving in Social Media

Here are 5 simple and effective tips for developing a rich social media experience for you and your business. Post at least one comment per day to your micro-blog sites like Twitter, Facebook, your Facebook Fan Page, etc.  Read more...
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9 Keys to Making Live Events Social Media Friendly

I love all aspect of events including concept development, community building, marketing, monetizing, praying for butts-in-seats, production, and sometimes it’s great just being an attendee.  Making events social media friendly adds a new depth of experience for attendees, naturally develops a community environment. Attending an event without a hashtag associated with it after experiencing this […]
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