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What is the Cost of a New Customer?

It is surprising how many business owners, CEOs, marketers, and start-up founders I talk to that do not know what the cost of a new customer is. Customer Acquisition Cost should be the genesis of every new customer oriented marketing effort you do. Just the knowledge of the existence of Customer Acquisition Cost can start shifting marketing from risk to reward. The unknown cost to acquire a new customer is many times the first dominio to fall in the train of marketing failure and cash burn.
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Foursquare Check-ins: The Low-Hanging Fruit

Just as trees falling in the woods with no one around to hear there are millions of Foursquare check-ins that no one is listening to. In an economy where brands have to get scrappy to preserve brand loyalty and nurture the lifetime value of a customer there sure is a lot of low-hanging fruit left […]
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13 Ways to Grow Your Business on the Internet

It’s time to stop considering using the Internet to grow your business and start implementing. Businesses delay embracing ecommerce, online marketing, and social media due to lack of knowledge and overwhelming streams of information with no clear starting point. Here are 13 ways you can grow your business on the Internet starting with the basics. […]
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5 Steps to Bring Foursquare Check-Ins to Your Door

Foursquare is a free location based social network and online game that uses mobile phones to allow you to “check in” to locations around the world. You can allow friends in your Foursquare social network to be notified of the locations you check in to as well as see where they have visited. As you […]
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